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What Are Network

Scout Network is the fifth section in scouting for 18 - 25 olds. Scout Networks in Derbyshire are district based but memebers also take part in a range of county and joint Scout Network events. Members take part in activities, which they undertake and organise amongst themselves and meet when they want to, perhaps weekly, monthly, or once a quarter. The programme is planned around three core self-development areas - Skills & Development, International and Community - but there is little restriction on the type of activities members can undertake. A lot of what members do is based around adventure and being outdoors, with a good mix of social and team activities included. Scout Network also gives members the opportunity to complete their Queen Scout Award. Membership of Scout Network is flexible. Once someone becomes a member, they automatically become a member of all Scout Networks across the UK.

How do I Join?

If you are interested in joining Network as either a member or an adult helper, please contact us and the Network Coordinator will contact you with the information that you need to know.

Network in Long Eaton

The Scout Network is quite different from the other four sections of The Scout Association in the way it operates. It is an adult section that benefits from greater opportunities around adventurous activities, tailored personal development and programmes to suit the local membership. It’s all about having fun, whilst meeting new people and learning new skills. There are fantastic opportunities to try out new activities, travel and make many new friends. At the moment there isn’t a Scout Network in Long Eaton but this could be changing in the near future.